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Alderman Puhr monitors this forum on a regular basis. He will reply to comments of general interest on this forum, other inquiries will be handled individually. Constituents are also invited to give him a call for specifics.
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NAME:    Michael Puhr
PHONE:   260-1983
DATE:    June 18, 2003


I will be the Chairman of the newly created Finance Sub-committee for the City.  We will not be micro-managing the City Finances, but we will be evaluating all fees associated with services as well as looking at our property taxes.  My goal is to provide the best service for the buck.  Will that result in a property tax increase probably not.  Will that result in an increase in fees for services, that is what the committee will have to decide.

We currently are gathering and analyzing information comparing fees charged and services provided in communities our size and those we are frequently compared with.  The survey thus far is enlightening and extremely informative.  It dispels many misconceptions about our (that is the City portion of your taxes and associated fees) in the comparison.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have.  Our organizational meeting will be July 1, at 4:30pm prior to the council meeting.


Michael Puhr
Alderman Ward 5
SUBJECT: General Inquiry
NAME:    Stephen (Steve) Foster
PHONE:   442 0823
DATE:    April 9 2003


I would like to thank Alderman Puhr for his willingness to reply to various comments and question posted here. We are looking forward to a great new administration and great things for Danville
Reply From Alderman Puhr:
PHONE:   443-6034
DATE:    April 21,2003


Thank you Mr. Foster for a great idea and easy way for Alderman to keep in touch with their constituents.


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